Part-time Staff Pharmacist

Posted 1 week ago

Medical Center Pharmacy is currently accepting resumes for a PART TIME staff pharmacist.


*Dispense prescriptions: Filling prescription and supervising pharmacy technician activities.

* Manage pharmacy technicians and clerks – have the responsibility for ensuring the correct drug along with dose and directions are being dispensed to the correct individual and done in a timely manner. In addition, the staff pharmacist should maintain an overview of the pharmacy insuring that patients are being waited on timely and courteously. The pharmacist should ensure that staff members know what job functions they should be always doing and be conscious of productivity, apparent job satisfaction, and interpersonal professional relationships.

* Ensure patient safety – Check the patient’s record every time he/she gets a new prescription dispensed – evaluating drug interactions, apparent appropriateness of therapy based on the patient’s medical issues, therapies from other practitioners, compliance, etc.

* Counsel patients – The dispensing pharmacist should proactively make themselves available to speak to the patient when any new prescription is dispensed to insure that the patient understands why he/she is taking the medication, how best to take the medication, and any cautionary information deemed appropriate about side effects and to insure the best compliance and positive outcome of therapy.

* Patient education – The dispensing pharmacist should be available to counsel patients about general health issues, OTC medications, and nutritional supplement guidance.

* Communicate with prescribers and their staff to insure accurate and safe dispensing of prescribed medications. The pharmacist can offer suggestions and alternatives for therapy to the prescriber if it is requested or deemed appropriate or necessary. Considerations of patient affordability and compliance issues should be noted with prescribers as needed.

* Become familiar with PioneerRx and the Compounder software programs.

* Begin a process of learning about compounding through gradual continuous learning and be willing to attend continuing education on compounding as opportunities for training are offered.

* Deal with insurance companies/coverage – Make reasonable efforts to assist patients with obtaining their insurance benefits for products and services provided.

* Reimbursements and costs of goods – Maintain a watchful oversite of reimbursements and insure that reasonable gross margins are being paid by insurance and/or patients. Observe costs on generic drug and powders in regular prescriptions and compounded prescriptions as prices change. Discuss with management as needed and as observed.

* Perform administrative tasks – Ensure that patient files are up to date, that needed products are stocked are being ordered and inventoried at appropriate times and stock levels for day-to-day operations. Also, be aware of computer or other equipment issues that arise and communicate with the administrative staff to insure timely corrections/repairs.

* Communicate with pharmacy management to insure that management directions and intentions are followed through. Share with management any issues that need addressing.

Covid-19 vaccination required.

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