Vital Plan Prevention Plus


Enhancing Heart, Liver, and Immune Function: A Comprehensive Approach* Daily Multi Plus is designed to support vital organ functions, including heart and liver health, as well as fortify the immune system, contributing to overall wellbeing.*

Promoting Skin, Eye, and Cellular Health: A Holistic Solution* Daily Multi Plus aims to maintain healthy skin and eyes, while also encouraging optimal cellular function, ensuring a comprehensive approach to wellness.*

Boosting Antioxidant Protection for a Healthy Lifestyle* This advanced formula provides essential antioxidant support, safeguarding your body against free radicals and promoting overall health.*

Activated B Vitamins for Efficient Methylation* Daily Multi Plus includes activated B vitamins, which play a crucial role in healthy methylation, a vital process for maintaining proper body function.*

Vitamin D for Immune and Mood Enhancement* By delivering 500 IU of vitamin D, Daily Multi Plus promotes a robust immune system and contributes to a balanced mood, fostering overall emotional and physical wellbeing.*


Vital Plan Prevention Plus

Supports heart, liver and immune function.  Promotes health skin, eyes and cellular function.  Provides antioxidant support.  Includes activated B vitamins for healthy methylation.  Delivers 500 IU of vitamin D to promote healthy immunity and mood.

180 capsules


Elevate Your Health with Optimized Daily Supplements: A Pharmacist’s Perspective

A balanced and nutritious diet is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and promoting graceful aging. However, with busy schedules, stress, and dietary inconsistencies, it can be challenging to receive all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients daily. High-quality supplemental vitamins, minerals, and herbs can help bridge these gaps and provide essential support.

It’s essential to be aware that the quality of your multivitamin supplements significantly impacts their effectiveness. Inexpensive, inactive vitamins and inorganic minerals may not be easily absorbed by the body, reducing their value. Additionally, multivitamins containing only vitamins and minerals lack the comprehensive health support offered by antioxidant-rich herbal extracts.

Dr. Bill Rawls, understanding these challenges, designed Daily Multi Plus as a solution. This advanced formula combines bioavailable vitamins and minerals with crucial herbs for potent antioxidant benefits, ensuring a comprehensive support system from your daily multivitamin.

Understanding Daily Multi Plus: Vital Plan Prevention Plus –  A Pharmacist’s Overview Daily Multi Plus offers an abundance of chelated minerals and activated vitamins—25 in total—formulated for optimal absorption and utilization by the body. What sets Daily Multi Plus apart from conventional multivitamins is its unique blend of antioxidants at potent levels, providing the additional support necessary for overall health and wellbeing.


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