Sinus Rinse FAQ


Sinus Therapy Frequently Asked Questions


Medical Center Pharmacy specializes in medicated sinus irrigations. We offer several treatment options for chronic sinus conditions. Custom compounded steroids, antibiotics and anti-fungals are delivered into the sinus cavities, most commonly by way of irrigation or nebulizer to treat various sinus conditions.

What is a compound?

A compounded medication is a drug that is specifically mixed and prepared for you, based on a prescription from your doctor. Creating compound medications involves mixing one or more active ingredients, each at a specified amount.

If my insurance company doesn’t cover this medication, why would that be?

Compounds can contain both commercially available formulations as well as bulk chemicals in their recipes.
Unfortunately, insurance companies have increasingly left many of these ingredients off their drug formularies. We attempt any available overrides with the insurance company prior to reaching out to you.

What are the side effects of this medication?

This medication is applied and absorbed topically and then rinsed back out your sinuses. It is not absorbed within your bloodstream. Therefore, most potential side effects are typically due to the large volume of saline rinsing through your sinuses and isolated to this region.

  • You might experience temporary lightheadedness or dizziness from the large volume irrigation rinsing so
    close to your inner ear. This should go away as the inflammation is relieved in your sinuses.
  • Occasionally, a small tinge of blood might show in your rinse. Slight irritation or sores can come with inflammation, so this is not uncommon.
  • If any of these effects become persistent or severe, discontinue use and consult with your prescriber.


Can I take other medications at the same time?

Great question! Because these medications are not absorbed in your bloodstream, they should not interact with other medications you might be taking orally.

Have you submitted this to my insurance company?

We have contacted your insurance company regarding this medication prior to reaching out to you.

Is a saline packet necessary?

It is necessary to mix your medication with saline, rather than simply plain water. Saline contains electrolytes- to match the makeup of your bodily fluid- to ensure the liquid doesn’t cause discomfort in your nasal cavity/sinuses.


Is distilled water necessary?

It is important to ensure you don’t reintroduce bacteria into your sinuses with this rinse. Distilled water is clean and doesn’t risk contamination by outside bacteria like tap water or other less purified waters do.


Why did my doctor send this to your pharmacy?

We are compounding specialists who work very closely with your Ear, Nose, and Throat provider to make a medication customized specifically for you. Your practitioner trusts our combined expertise and for us to provide thorough education regarding this specialty medication. We are here to help with any questions you may have!


How long will this take to ship?

Because this is a compounded medication, it will generally require 1-2 business days to process and make.
At checkout, you can select your shipping method (with typical transit times): Fedex (2-4 business days), USPS (3-5 business days), Fedex Overnight (1 business day).
**Keep in mind, these transit times are approximate and cannot be guaranteed by us after shipment. The transit times are after your medication has been processed and left our facility via corresponding courier.


Do you accept GoodRx or any other discount cards?

Unfortunately, these discount cards do not cover compounded medications. If your insurance doesn’t cover this medication, we have worked hard to offer you an affordable price for this customized medication.