Sinus Rinse & Nebulizer


Sinus Rinse & Nebulizer

Medications such as, steroids, antibiotics and anti-fungals, used separately or in conjunction with one another, are delivered directly to the inflamed and/or infected sinus membranes, using various, easy-to-use delivery devices based on physician and patient preference.

  • NeilMed® Sinus Rinse Bottle
  • Nasaline® Nasal Syringe
  • Sinus MAD® Atomizer
  • NasoNeb® Nebulizer
  • NeoSinus Rinse Bottle

How To: Sinus Rinse

Preparing your sinus rinse is the first step in your journey to breathing better.  Take a moment to download our how to info sheet and watch our instructional video to learn more about how to mix your medicated sinus rinse.

Jessica Harts, Customer Service Representative

Jessica Harts, Customer Service Representative

How To: Atomizer

Preparing your sinus rinse is the first step in your journey to breathing better.  Take a moment to download our how to info sheet and watch our instructional video to learn more about how to prepare your sinus medication in an atomizer.

Sinus Rinse Bottle

Technique is important.  Understanding how to use your sinus rinse is necessary for your medication to be successful. Take a moment to watch this video to learn more about sinus rinse technique.


NasoNeb Nasal Nebulizer

Understanding how to use your sinus treatments is the first step towards finally breathing better. Take a moment to download these guides and watch this short video to learn more about the NasoNeb Nasal Nebulizer. 

Sinus Rinse & Nebulizer



MCSP is dedicated to making sure you’re educated about your options. Our friendly staff is available to help you work through your insurance plan so you can find the right coverage for the right medication.

Sinus Rinse & Nebulizer


Always Know Your Options

Our dedicated team is here and ready to take your calls and help you get the right prescription based on your physician’s prescription. We’ll guide you to make sure you get the best price possible without sacrificing the quality of your medicine. 

Sinus Rinse & Nebulizer


Delivered to Your Door

Your medication will arrive on time and ready for application. We understand the importance of always having your medication on time. We even notify you RX Reminders so you can place your refill in time without running out between applications. That’s our promise to you. 

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MoreRx Patient Care Team

Our patient care team goes the extra mile to make follow up with all of our pharmacy clients. We want to make sure you have the best experience using MSCP as your pharmacy. We want to earn your trust and be your primary pharmacy for all of your medical treatments.


Need Help Ordering?

Getting the right medicine your insurance will cover is important. With so many options it’s easy to make the wrong choice and end up with the bill. Let our friendly staff help you find the right medicine for the right price. 



Interested in prescribing topical sinus therapy with MCSP for your next patient?

Sinus Rinse & Nebulizer

Medical Center Specialty Pharmacy specializes in medicated sinus irrigations. We offer several treatment options for chronic sinus conditions. Custom compounded steroids, antibiotics and anti-fungals are delivered into the sinus cavities, most commonly by way of irrigation or nebulizer to treat various sinus conditions.

The MCSP Difference

MCSP follows standard operating procedures that help to ensure quality and safety. Select standards include:

Sinus Rinse & Nebulizer

Proven, Trusted & Accredited

PCAB – Accredited Pharmacies Are Committed to Protecting Patients By Practicing Compounding that is Safe, Accurate & High Quality. 

Here’s why people choose MCSP as their pharmacy:

We’re dedicated to providing the best pharmacy experience and deliver the highest quality medicine.


Sinus Therapy FAQ’s

Here are a few answers to our most common questions about Sinus Therapy

Do I use the sinus rinse bottle like a Neti Pot?

The sinus rinse bottle uses a different technique. While the netipot uses gravity to pull the liquid through, the bottle uses the force of you squeezing it to maximize effects.

Do I put the medication into the bottle first or the saline?

Measure out the prescribed medication into the measuring cup and pour into your sinus rinse bottle. Add saline to the 8oz fill line.

The medication comes back out. Is that how it works?

Yes. This is a topical medication. It rinses your sinuses and comes back out allowing the medication to work directly in the sinuses.

My product has arrived warm. Is it ok?

Yes. These products can be exposed to high temperatures over short periods of time, without concern of the heat harming the product.

How can I stop the medication from running down my throat?

First, check to make sure you're using proper technique. With all of our sinus therapy devices, bend forward at the waist and tilt your head downward. Open your mouth and breathe normally. You can also touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth to help prevent drainage down your throat.

What are the side effects of the medication

Topical medications such as these typically have very few systemic side effects. This is due to very little to no absorption of the medication within the body. Side effects that may go away during treatment include nose bleeds, sore throat, and nasal irritations. If they continue or are bothersome, the patient should contact their physician.

When should I start feeling the effects of the medication?

These medications start to work around 1-2 weeks into treatment. It depends on the severity of the condition and consistency of the use of the rinse.

Sinus Rinse & Nebulizer

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Sinus Rinse & Nebulizer

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